Inmedius Horizon

Professionally Managed Content

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Inmedius Horizon facilitates the professional management of content, delivering the tools and information to efficiently manage a technical publications operation. The powerful combination of a flexible Library system, with business intelligence delivered through a unique Dashboard approach, gives you complete command over your information assets. Through its tight integration with both Microsoft® Project and Excel, along with its ease of use and flexible structure, Horizon lifts you above the clouds for a view you never thought possible.


Your content your way

Central area where documents are defined to ensure consistency throughout a project. Allows you to organize information according to fully customizable criteria. Offers the ability to organize content according to variables, including project, technical specification, customer requirement, piece of equipment, or engineering structure.

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Key Features

  • Fully Customizable System
  • Complete Document Lifecycle Support
  • Centralized Business Process Controls & Workflow Approach
  • Flexible Authoring Support


Central Command Center

Provides a visual representation of the technical XML content management process. Provides complete visibility and control over all components within the department.

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Key Features

  • Visual Representation of Document Process
  • Dynamic Quantitative Metrics
  • Complete Real Time Visibility, Closed Loop Scheduling & Cost Structure Control
  • Flexible Reporting Engine